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Mobile Detailing, Car Polishing and Interior Car Cleaning in San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco and surrounding areas.

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“Excellence is Attention to Detail”

This is what sets us apart from the rest. We concentrate on every intricate detail to achieve the most optimal results. We believe in doing it until it’s completely perfect, and then we do it one more time!

XLNC Auto Beauty Staff has over 25 years history in serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We are known for our quality workmanship,value pricing and know how. We are working to expand our business, so look for a location coming to a town near you.

XLNC Auto Beauty offers a broad range of services that's sure to fit any budget and all detail needs. We aim to over exceed your expectations no matter if you get a quick wash or a full deluxe detail package. There is no set prices set up for detail services it depends on your needs, the condition of the vehicle and the process and products it takes to achieve the desired results. Here is a breakdown on our pricing to give you an idea of what to expect:

Our minimum service call price starts at $65,00 for mobile detail services. This is the price of a Standard Detail wash Deluxe on most vehicles. Once on site and set up, additional vehicles can be added for as low as $35.00 (no frills regular in and out service.)

Our standard polishing services starts at $85.00 per hour,

Our standard shampoo and interior services start at $65.00 per hour.

See our INTERIOR, EXTERIOR and UNDER THE HOOD Pages for available detail packages.

Note: A service tech may ask you to text a picture to assess the job for a preliminary price quote when a quote is requested. All pre-visit estimates are just ball park figures, an on site inspection before service is the final prices charged for services.

To achieve optimum results XLNC Auto Beauty uses the very best quality professional detail supplies, equipment and methods that are safe to the environment as well as your vehicle.

Our exterior services are designed to make your car sparkle and shine. This not only makes you feel good when you ride, it also adds value by preserving your investment.

Exterior Services

  • Detail Wash - Wheels, paint Surface, windows, trim, and tire dress.
  • Detail Wash Deluxe - Wheels (tire shampoo,rim detail face and drum), wheel wells, door jambs, window treatment (repel/protectant), trim, and tire dress.
  • Polish - Renders a shiny gloss on your paint surface, a level of protection against the elements.
  • Paint correction - Removing, scratches, swirls and blemishes in the paint. De-oxidizes paint to correct color.
  • Paint Sealant application - Ultimate paint protection. After services to bring up the optimal shine, lock it in for the long haul.


Economy In and Out Wash:

  • Exterior surfaces wash and dried
  • Tires washed, dried and dressed
  • Interior vacuum
  • Dash and console wiped
  • Air Freshener

Detail Wash Deluxe:

  • Wheels- tires scrub and shampoo. Rims cleaned and polished (face to drum).
  • Wheel wells cleaned degreased and dressed, door jambs cleaned and degreased, window treatment (repel/protectant), trim, and tire dress.
  • Paint surface cleaned and decontaminated to remove fallout. (wash and clay)
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Carpet and Mats spot checked
  • Dashboard (including vents) and consoles cleaned and conditioned
  • Door panels cleaned and conditioned.
  • Interior windows treated
  • Air Freshener and deodorize

Polish and Shine

All Detail Wash Deluxe service, plus a hand wax to enhance the shine of the paints surface.

Buff and Wax

All Detail wash Deluxe service, plus Machine Buff to correct paint marring, swirls, minor clear coat scratches, light oxidation and water marks that keeps the paint surface from having that perfect shine. Restores paints luster.

The Works

  • Full Exterior Services including Buff and Wax and all Detail Wash Deluxe service
  • Full Interior Deep cleaning including steam cleaning and deodorizing to neutralize odors. All trim dressed and leather conditioned
  • Under the Hood cleaning, degreasing, show room dress and metals polished

Paint Sealant Applications

  • Full Exterior Services including Buff and Wax and all Detail Wash Deluxe service
  • Paint Sealant Application to seal paint. The ultimate protection against the elements and contaminants that cause breakdown in your paints surface.

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We enjoy hearing from our customers. Contact XLNC Auto Beauty today at (510) 467-8404 for location, directions, hours of operation or for detailed information about any of our current car wash specials.

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