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Interior Car Cleaning in Palo Alto

The only thing better than an interior car cleaning, is a detail company that comes to you. Sounds too good to be true? No way! That’s what we do!

XLNC Auto Beauty offers mobile detailing services to residents in Palo Alto. Let our professional detailers work their magic on any crumbs, stains, smudges, drips, dirt, gunk, and gravel that might have accumulated in your vehicle. And while they work away, you can relax! Because they come to you, there’s no waiting around or killing time. So enjoy your time at home. Before you know it, your car will be as clean as the day you drove it off the lot.

How’s that for service?

Interior Detailing Has Never Been More Efficient

Our mobile detailing experts only use the latest technology, tools, and cleaning supplies to do their work. You probably thought that that oil stain was going to be there forever? Nope. Did your kids use the vinyl as a canvas? No problem. How about those mysterious marks on the ceiling? Gone.

With our specialized techniques, we can eliminate even the toughest stains. Stop stressing. Give us a call. Let us work our magic. We mean that figuratively. We’re not magicians. We’re professionals.

Over 25 Years Serving Palo Alto

Yes, we have our regular customers. After 25+ years of providing excellent service to the people of Palo Alto, we’ve established a reputation for getting the job done right. People trust our work. A quick look through our reviews should be enough to convince you.

The only way we’ve been able to maintain a mobile detailing business in a city as competitive as Palo Alto is by offering the best service at the best price. People know. Word gets around. Give us a try and find out what people are talking about.

Interior Shampoo and Interior Services

Our regular shampoo and interior services start at $65.00 per hour. This price might be subject to change depending on the condition and size of the vehicle. In some cases, we’ll ask for pictures so that we can make an accurate quote. Until we’ve seen the car itself, it’s not possible to give a final price for the service. But we’ll do our best!

At XLNC Auto Beauty , we value honesty, integrity, and transparency. We want all our customers to feel great about our service. That’s why we try to be as fair as possible in our estimates. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before we begin any work.

Here’s a short list of some of the services that we offer in our mobile interior detailing packages. We’ll go over all the specific details relating to your specific service package during the consultation phase.

Contact us Today!

Everyone wishes their car could look and feel like it did on day one. Well, with XLNC Auto Beauty you can. Just give us a call and set up an appointment. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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