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Mobile Car Detailing in Palo Alto

Can’t Make it to the Car Wash? Call Us for Mobile Car Detailing!

When the weather gets a little cooler in Palo Alto and the rainy season begins, most drivers start to think about the need to tidy up the mud and dust that accumulates all over their cars and trucks. With rainy days approximately one-third of the time in the Palo Alto area from September to April, vehicle owners face an uphill battle when trying to keep their sweet rides looking fresh and clean year-round.

But between long hours spent at work, taking the kids to soccer practice, and trying to squeeze in a social life for a precious few hours per week, it’s pretty hard to find the time even to head to the local car wash to get a quick waxing in, let alone a full interior car cleaning. This challenge is why XLNC Auto Beauty started our business in the first place. Why head to the car wash when we can bring the car wash to you?

Looking for a Full-Service Car Wash Near You? Check Your Driveway!

XLNC Auto Beauty ’s model is simple: we bring the efficient and effective cleaning tools to you and perform a full-service car wash, wax, and detailing in your very own driveway. There’s no more putting off appointments or procrastinating until somebody writes ‘WASH ME’ on your windshield: we bring the car wash to you at a time that’s convenient.

Picture this: you get home from a long day at work and park your vehicle in your front driveway. While you enjoy a delicious dinner with your family or friends, we show up and perform a complete mobile car detailing. The result? You kick back your feet and relax, and your car or truck looks new as the day you bought it.

Mobile Car Detailing Prices That Compete With the Car Wash

XLNC Auto Beauty prides ourselves on our competitive and reasonable rates. Think about it: when you head to the local car wash for mobile detailing, you’re not only paying for the car wash, are you? Nope. You’re paying for the parking space, the monthly rent, the elaborate and expensive washing equipment, and the employees’ health benefits and lunch breaks. That’s a heck of a lot of overhead that gets passed directly onto you, the customer.

We throw this model out the window. There’s no reason to need all the fancy bells and whistles that storefront car washes provide; a clean car is a clean car no matter how it got there! Good old-fashioned car polish, elbow grease, and special suds do the trick just fine.

Because XLNC Auto Beauty doesn’t invest in tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of mechanized washing equipment, we pass those savings directly on to you. Sure, it might take an hour for us to buff the outside of your car instead of fifteen minutes, considering we do it by hand. However, what’s an hour out of your day when you don’t even leave your front door?

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Storefront car washes are a thing of the past. For the best mobile car detailing near you, call XLNC Auto Beauty today!

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