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Under The Hood

The engine compartment are the most overlooked part of the car. You don’t ride in it, you don’t see it unless it’s time to check the oil or some other preventive maintenance but there are several benefits to keeping it clean. If nothing else you don’t have to get all oily when you do have to touch something, but besides that, less oil and other fluids reduce the risk of fire, with a clean engine you can better detect leaks which can lead to further problems and it adds value to your investment.

Whether you are trying to detect an oil leak or trying to improve the aesthetic appearance of your engine compartment, our under the hood services are geared to meet your needs:

Power wash - Cleans and degreases engine compartment. Rids engine compartment of oil and grime build up that could cause deterioration to rubber hoses and seals.

Engine Detail - Cleans and degreases engine compartment. Conditions rubber hoses and all molding, polish visible metal components leaving your engine compartment with a show room finish.

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